The Code 11.59 Starwheel by Audemars Piguet is a Modern Classic (Reference# 15212NB)


The Code 11.59 Star Wheel, initially launched by AP in the 1990s and reintroduced in 2023, is a modern take on a classic design. This piece enhances the reputation of the Code 11.59 series and AP deserves some praise for their harmonious creativity and craftsmanship. Watch our video above to see it in action, and continue reading for some history and commentary on the significance of this timepiece. 

Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 Starwheel (Ref# 15212NB.OO.A002KB.01)

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Code 11.59 Starwheel: The most perfect little creation

For this article, I want to start off with some words from Miriam, the COO and Director of Sales at Watches Off 5th. It's perfect that Miriam's first time on the YouTube channel is to talk about this particular watch. Miriam: "People always ask me what it is about watches that has completely taken over my life and made them my number one passion. And I think this watch is the perfect answer to that question. I mean, for me, luxury timepieces are the most perfect little creations. It's just the most amazing piece of art because it doesn't just stand still and stare back, but it moves and it tells time constantly, letting us remember its history and legacy."

"There's so much craftsmanship to it. There's so much beauty and how can I not be passionate about that?" With this piece, "you can fall in love with it right away just from the Aventurine Dial, the beautiful arch at the top representing the minutes, and the Wandering Hours."

The story concept is phenomenal. AP introduced the "Wandering Hours", or, "Star Movement" in the 1990s, but the 1990s weren't ready for something like this. It's a very, very modern take on a classic timepiece, and it wasn't very popular at the time when it was released. So, in the current landscape of watch culture, AP is brilliant in reintroducing this movement.

In the modern era of watches, this piece stands out completely from anything else we've seen on the market and also reintroduces the Code 11.59 in general. We all know that they've had a very mixed reputation in the past and were not necessarily known to be a favorite in AP's lineup, but certainly, this watch is revamping Code 11.59. The Code 11.59 Starwheel is bringing the model back into the conversation. It's showing what a Code 11.59 can really be. 

How to tell the time on an AP Code 11.59 Starwheel

Diagram showing how to tell time on a Code 11.59 Starwheel

The hour hands are the wheels in the center - look at the arrow on the hour hand that is pointing towards the minute field along the top edge and, from that one point, you can tell the time! The minutes are counted 00-60 along the top edge of the dial, and the seconds surround the outer edge. The arrow on the hour wheel points to the minute. 

Miriam: "I also want to take away the kind of scary feeling people might have looking at it: 'How do you actually tell time?'". At first glance it looks intimidating but it's actually a lot simpler than you think.

Like a lot of AP watches, they make it look simple. They make it look elegant, they make it look easy, but obviously a lot goes into making a watch like this. Overall, this watch just makes sense. It's a bold, modern, very imaginative, maybe one of the most creative Codes we've ever seen.

Audemars Piguet stands out because of their harmony in complexity. 

A collection of Audemars Piguet's most complicated yet most visually appealing pieces

What I love about AP so much is that they never introduce a complex movement or a complex style at the expense of design and craftsmanship. They're always in perfect harmony with one another. One is never lost at the expense of the other; AP really stands out in that regard. Another perfect example of this is an all-ceramic perpetual calendar, whether it's in white, black blue, right? They've done this in so many different variations and it's a perfect timepiece. It's beautiful and yet it has a perpetual calendar dial.

So that's AP for you. And this watch is probably the epitome of Code 11.59. Obviously, anything with an Aventurine dial deserves some love - the other Codes with the same dial are on the top list of my favorites as well. But this one takes the first spot for sure.

Miriam, when was the first time you saw this watch? 

"The first time I ever laid eyes on this watch, I was looking at Harper's Bazaar over a weekend and on the back, I saw this ad by AP for the Star Wheel!"

AP Starwheel Ad featured in Harper's Bazaar

Beautiful picture that they have as well, which we've then included in our own photography of the watch. When I first laid eyes on it here, I looked at it and I thought one day I'm going to sell that watch and we actually did sell it. I sold it actually to a collector - shout out to our dear client who has really appreciated us sourcing the watch for him! As for being able to get it, it is so limited in the market. It actually is going on the Gray Market for double the value of retail. It retails for around 50,000 mark, but it sells on the market for about 115,000, give or take.


AP has taken such a big risk and they deserve some applause. They are cementing themselves as the most creative in terms of creating completely new pieces that we've never seen before or never could easily have been imagined and it just couldn't be more gorgeous. It's absolutely perfect. And I think after seeing so many different watches in every brand, I can really tell when a watch was very much singled out in creation, production, craftsmanship, elegant, just A to Z perfection. And this is that watch, this is the epitome of watches like that. Despite how limited the availability of this watch is, whether directly from AP or on the gray market, if you like this watch or any other piece, we will source it for you.

Thank you guys so much for tuning in with us again!