Most Masculine Watches (42mm+) by Audemars Piguet, MB&F, Richard Mille, and Gerrard Peregaux

Today, we going to be talking about some heavy hitters. These ultra-masculine watches have a great wrist presence and make a statement. You see these watches on athletes, celebrities, action heroes, and anyone who loves that super sporty watch with a great wrist presence.

1. MB&F M.A.D.1 Reference: #4099040 - $9,000

MB&F M.A.D.1 case held to show the white arrow telling the time.

Starting off strong, we have the MB&F M.A.D.1, reference number 4099040. The cool thing about this watch is that you don't even have to turn it towards yourself to tell the time; you can tell the time by looking at the side of the case, and a little white arrow tells you exactly what time it is. It's called an exotic dial, and it's entertaining to spin it, and you can watch it spin for hours. We love what they've done with this collaboration, and now people can say that they own an MB&F at a fraction of the price of a mainline MB&F.

2. Girard Perregaux Laureato 81015-32-432-32A "Earth to Sky" Edition Skeleton Dial

 GP & Laureato watch with black ceramic case and bracelet and blue skeleton openwork dial.

Next up, we have a G.P. Laureato reference number 81015-32-432-32A, "Earth to Sky edition." It's a 42-millimeter case size, has a black ceramic case and bezel, and features this really unique blue open work dial.

You can clearly see all the mechanics and the beauties inside the watch, and the dial is a beautiful blue color. What's really cool about this piece is that you're getting an all black watch with an open work dial for a fraction of the price that you would pay for a brand like AP or Richard Mille.

3. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshores

Next up, let's take a look at three Royal Oak Offshores from AP. The Offshore is a great alternative to the royal oak that has a more masculine feel with a larger wrist presence. These watches are known to be more lifestyle friendly, more sporty.

Rose Gold Royal Oak Offshore with Black Ceramic Bezel Reference: #26420RO.OO.A002CA.01 

Yellow Gold and Black Ceramic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore (Ref# 26420RO.OO.A002CA.01)

The first Royal Oak Offshore is reference number 26420RO.OO.A002CA.01. This has a 43 millimeter case size in Rose Gold with a black ceramic bezel and a black waffle dial, also known as the Méga Tapisserie dial, with white sub dials. This model has the black ceramic bezel and parts of the case that really protect the watch and helps it to be a lot more scratch resistant. It's a big flex piece that looks great in any setting, has practical functions, and will also take a beating. 

Royal Oak Offshore in Titanium Reference: #26420TI.OO.A027CA.01

Titanium case with Blue dial and Blue strap Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 43mm (Ref#26420TI.OO.A027CA.01)

Next up we have reference number 26420TI. The case and bezel are crafted out of titanium making this watch incredibly durable as well as lighter weight, massive case size and water resistance down to 100m considered. It has a blue Méga Tapisserie dial is set on a matching blue rubber strap.

Royal Oak Offshore in Black Ceramic and Yellow Gold Reference: #26420CE.OO.A127CR.01

Black Ceramic and Yellow Gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore with black dial and black rubber strap (Ref# 26420CE.OO.A127CR.01)

And, the final Royal Oak Offshore on our list is the 26420CE. This one has a black ceramic case and bezel with yellow gold accents, the black Tapisserie dial, and a black rubber strap.  

4. Richard Mille

RM has famously been described as a race car on your wrist, and I can see why many brands have tried to mimic them, but, honestly, no one can do it like RM. Many people don't get the designs and might describe them as toyish, but they're showing you that they're bold and can put out something different and be controversial. The way they innovate and even make their watches is just spectacular. They build the entire watch off this curve-like surface. It's just apparent that RM knows what they're doing, and they know that their designs are bold, but they're made for a particular type of person.

RM Watch in production

Richard Mille Jean Todt Reference: #RM 11-03

Blue and White Quartz TPT Skeleton Dial Richard Mille Jean Todt edition RM 11-03

The first RM on this list is the RM Jean Todt, reference number RM 11-03. The case is made out of blue and white quartz TPT and is limited to 150 pieces. The case size on this watch is 49.9 millimeters, and the thickness is 44.5 millimeters. We have this super cool skeleton dial with a blue rubber strap with white details. It features an annual calendar, a prominent date in the middle, and a fly-back chronograph.

Richard Mille Bubba Watson Titanium in "Boutique Grey" Reference: #RM-055

"Boutique Grey" Richard Mille Bubba Watson RM-055 with Openwork dial.

Finally, this is the RM Bubba Watson reference number RM 055. This has a 42-millimeter case crafted out of titanium, and the color is called boutique grey. It is a special edition collaboration with the Golf player Bubba Watson and is limited to 100 pieces. 


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