Patek Philippe Nautilus 5740 Showcase (Holy Grail Nautilus) - White Gold Perpetual Calendar Exhibition Caseback

Patek Philippe Nautilus Perpetual Calendar Sunburst White Gold/ Blue Dial (Ref#5740/1G-001) - $245,000

The Most Exceptional Patek Philippe Nautilus - 5740

Today, we're exploring the exceptional Patek Philippe Nautilus 5740. As a connoisseur of fine timepieces, the 5740 stands out as a favorite. Let's delve into the key features that make this watch outstanding in every category.

The Significance of the Nautilus

  • Flagship Patek Philippe Model: The Nautilus is Patek Philippe's most recognizable model.
  • Subtle Elegance: Unlike more ostentatious designs, the Nautilus commands respect with simplicity and understated elegance. Unless, of course, you choose a model flooded with factory diamonds.
  • Comparison with Other Brands: As Audemars Piguet has the Rolex Oak and Rolex has the Daytona, the Nautilus is Patek Philippe's representative model. 

First things first about this piece: it's a Nautilus. For Patek Philippe, the Nautilus is their flagship model - the one they're most widely recognized for. It's one of those pieces that isn't inherently flashy with a loud design or commonly seen with a ton of diamonds, but it gets recognized and appreciated. "If you know, you know."

Every brand has one model that speaks for the brand - for AP, it's the Royal Oak, and for Rolex, it might be a Daytona or Day-Date. But, for Patek Philippe, that representational watch is really a Nautilus. They do have other excellent models like the Aquanaut and their Calatrava, all of which are super elegant watches with beautiful complications and craftsmanship that, along with exclusivity, bring certain pieces up to a million dollars, which we've had in store and shown you guys as well. Those are truly very special.

Nautiluses are their flagship model, and out of all the nautiluses, the 5740 is a personal favorite. I'm always reaching for it. It just never stops mesmerizing me. It's really special. An extra key point is that it has a perpetual calendar. 

What is a Perpetual Calendar?

A perpetual calendar displays the time, date, day, and month. It can also discern whether you're in a 30- or 31-day month, what year you're in, and whether you're in a leap year. The Nautilus 5740 can recognize leap years up to the year 2100. So long as you're winding it properly, your watch will tell you exactly where you are in time, which is a very, very special type of movement.

Wrist Shot of the Patek 5740 White Gold

Perpetual Calendar integration in the 5740 - Slim and Sleek Design

All perpetual calendars are fascinating, but this 5740 stands out, mainly because if you really look at the watch, it's shocking how they fit this entire movement into a very famously slim and sleek Nautilus case. So this watch really packs a punch, and it's always my number one choice when clients ask me what is a good watch to buy if I'm only getting one luxury timepiece.

The Allure of the 5740

  • Wearability: The 5740 is highly wearable, making it a perfect choice for daily use.
  • Strong Movement: It boasts a robust and reliable movement with complications.
  • Elegance: The watch exudes elegance, checking all the boxes for a luxury timepiece.

Material and Aesthetics

  • White Gold: Crafted in white gold, the 5740 epitomizes "stealth wealth," offering a perfect finish that complements the sunburst blue dial beautifully.
  • Unique Dial: This model features a unique sunburst blue dial, adding to its allure.

Versatility and Discretion

  • Everyday Elegance: The 5740 is versatile enough for everyday wear without being overly flashy.
  • Substantial Feel: Despite its discretion, it has a substantial weight, offering a tangible sense of quality and seriousness.

If you could only choose one watch for the rest of your life, which would it be? Miriam states: "I always choose this watch because it really checks all the boxes: I think that it's 1. A very wearable watch and 2. The movement is really strong. The watch is elegant, right?"

It checks all the boxes. White gold makes for ultimate stealth wealth and is a fantastic compliment to the sunburst blue dial. It's also the only watch they make with this particular dial. They do make other blues, but this one is the sunburst style, which is gorgeous in the sun.

Patek Philippe 5740 White Gold Perpetual Calendar Blue Sunburst Dial shown shining in the sunlight.

We did an a ASMR video unboxing video of the 5740, along with the winding box that it comes with directly from Patek, and it's just stunning. It was right under the sunshine. You guys can also check that out, but it's a really beautiful dial. It's very wearable with the white gold and the blue together.

It's a watch that you can pull off any day, any time, and you never get bored of it. Many people also want a watch that doesn't scream when they walk into a room; if you're wearing something all yellow gold or all rose gold, there is a time and place for that. But sometimes, you want an everyday piece that will not be very flashy.

You want something humble, and this is the perfect watch for that as well because it's stealth wealth, but it still gives you a lot of pleasant substantial weight on the wrist, so you can feel you're wearing a serious watch. But if you know, you know, and if they don't, then it's your little secret.

Historical Significance

First Perpetual Calendar in a Nautilus

  • Collector's Piece: The 5740 is historically significant as the first Nautilus model to feature a perpetual calendar, adding to its value and appeal as a collector's item.

Case Back

  • Open Case Back: The open case back provides a view of the intricate movement, a feature not commonly seen in Patek Philippe watches.
Exhibition Caseback being shown on the Patek Philippe 5740 White Gold Perpetual Calendar - Watchesoff5th

Historically, this piece has significance as well; the 5740 is the first time they put a perpetual calendar into a nautilus, which increases its appeal as a collector's piece.

I also love that every time you put it down, you can enjoy the open case back of the watch and look at the movement; just putting the watch down and seeing that, I think, is mesmerizing. AP does this a lot, and Rolex just came out with some Platinum Daytonas that have that open case back, but Patek only has a few pieces with this feature. It's beautiful to look at now.

This is a watch where they chose to add in the open case back to make it extra special because why not? As if we weren't already mesmerized by it enough!

Comfort and Convenience - Updated Clasp and Perfect Size

  • Twin Lock System: The 5740 features a modern twin lock system for easy and comfortable wear, a significant improvement over older models.
  • Client Preference: This updated clasp system's ease of use is a strong selling point for many clients.
  • Perfect Size: At 40 millimeters, it's a great size for most wrists.
Gif Demonstrating How to Use Patek Philippe Twin Lock Clasp - 5740

Another point of comfort I want to mention is that the clasp has an updated twin lock system where you push the two buttons on the side to open up the clasp. This is a much more updated Nautilus clasp, which is very comfortable to open and close. A lot of other models have a different system for deployment that is more difficult to wrestle with and open, but this is easy to maneuver, making the watch extra comfortable. I have a lot of clients who look only specifically for this clasp because it makes a world of difference in how easily you can put it on and off. And that's a great selling point for this piece as well. This particular Nautilus is also 40 millimeters, which is perfect because that's a perfect size for the average wrist.


Every watch has its own personality, and the Patek Philippe Nautilus 5740 exudes an alpha personality. This powerhouse watch features a perpetual calendar, white gold construction, a sunburst blue dial, and an open case back. Whether you're a collector or looking for a holy grail luxury timepiece, it's a strong choice and you cannot go wrong with it.

Retailing for about $152,000 at Patek Philippe, we offer the 5740 for approximately $240,000. If you're interested in this watch or any others, please reach out to us via our website or Instagram. Our sales team is always ready to assist you. It's been a pleasure discussing this exquisite watch with you today. Stay tuned for our next video. Bye!