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How to set your Rolex GMT: 

  1. Start turning the crown of the Rolex towards yourself until you feel a pop, indicating the neutral position. In this position, turn the crown away to wind the watch. 
  2. Pull the crown out to the second position to change the hours and date. 
  3. Pull the crown out to the third position to change all parts of the watch.
  4. Push the crown back in and gently push and turn it away from yourself to secure it and start the seconds hand moving again. 


Hey, everyone! In this guide we cover how to set the Rolex GMT. Today, we'll be setting the time and date on a Rolex GMT "Root Beer" with a two-tone bracelet. This is reference number 126711.

Rolex GMT Rootbeer with diagram overlay highlighting the GMT hand, hour hand, and minute hand.

I. Winding the watch (1st position)

To wind the watch, the first step is to start turning the crown towards you, and you'll hear a little bit of a pop. This will tell you that you're in the neutral winding position.

When you turn the crown away from you in this position, it's just the easiest way to wind it. You'll feel a little bit of friction within the watch.

II. Local Hour Adjustment (2nd position)

From the previous position, pull it out gently until you hear another click, and once you start winding in this position, you'll engage the Local Hour Adjustment and be able to locally adjust the hours with the Mercedes hour hands. This is also the easiest way to change the date at the three o'clock mark.

III. Full adjustment (3rd position)

Next, pull it out to the third position to adjust all aspects of the watch at once. You have the Gold GMT Hands, the Mercedes hour marker in the minutes, and this will eventually also change the date as well.

IV. Done!

When you're done, you can just click the crown back in and gently push and turn away from you and that's how you set the watch.

I hope this taught you guys a little bit more about your Rolex GMT. If you're interested in this watch or any other watch, give us a call, or contact us through social media @WatchesOff5th. Stay tuned, and see you next time. Bye!

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