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Steps to set your Rolex Sky-Dweller

  1. Start turning the crown towards yourself until you hear a pop to reach the neutral winding position. 
  2. Pull out the crown which will enable you to use the bezel to select the time adjustment mode. 
  3. Turn the bezel to the first position to adjust the date and month. 
  4. Move the bezel to the second position to adjust the local hours. 
  5. Move the bezel to the third and final position to change everything on the watch at once. From the GMT Wheel, the minutes, the hours, the day, and the month. 
  6. Push the crown in and then turn the crown away from yourself to secure it and prevent damage to the watch from water or dirt. 

Diagram showing the neutral winding position of the Rolex Sky-Dweller as well as labeling each of the three bezel positions.

Detailed Guide

Hey, everyone! In this video, Jenna at Watches Off 5th shows us how to set the Rolex Sky Dweller: "I swear you don't need a PhD to set this watch. It's not as complicated as everyone makes it seem". 

So, to set this watch, you're going to start turning the crown towards yourself, and eventually, you'll hear a pop, which will tell you you're in the neutral winding position.

Once you pull it out, you're in the position to use the bezel to select what you're adjusting. When your bezel is turned all the way to the right it means you're in the zero position. You can try to wind the crown, but nothing will happen. 

Once we turn the bezel to the first position, turn the crown forward or backward to adjust the date in the annual calendar AKA the month. This is a quick and easy way to set the day and month. The adjustment going both forward and backward is pretty unusual for Rolex as most models only go forward—just another cool feature about this Sky-Dweller. 

Once you move the bezel to the second position, you can adjust the local hours. This makes it super easy if you just got off a flight or are in a different time zone and want to change the hours quickly. You can do this in just a second. 

Next, you're going to turn to the third and final position on the bezel. And this will change everything on the watch from the GMT Wheel, the minutes, the hours, the day, and the month. You'll have to sit there and wind for a while to change the months, though. 

Once you have your desired time, start pushing and turning the crown away from yourself. This will ensure the crown is secured and that no dust, water, or dirt particles get inside and damage the watch. 


So that's how you set your sky dweller; I told you it would be pretty easy! Let us know if you like this guide! 

If you're interested in this watch or any other piece, give us a call or contact us through social media @Watchesoff5th. We'll see you guys next time. Bye!

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