All About the Limited Edition Patek Philippe Calatrava #6007A

Today, we will cover the Patek Philippe Calatrava, Reference #6007A. This limited-edition timepiece is 1/1000 and was created to commemorate the completion of the new Patek Philippe manufacturing house that was completed in 2019. 

So, what makes this Patek Philippe Calatrava so special?

This watch isn't just special just because it's one of a thousand, but because it walks the line of being a dress piece with some sporty elements to it and also represents a new milestone in Patek's history.

Case front and back of the Patek Philippe Calatrava 6007a showing "New Manufacture 2019" inscription.

This watch has a 40mm case and a sapphire crystal case back inscribed with the words New Manufacture 2019 as well as the Calatrava cross. The dial features Arabic numerals and has the date aperture at 3:00. The dial is stunning because of the gray-blue color, and the center is embossed with a carbon pattern that beautifully plays with the light.

The carbon pattern is just another element that ties in this watch's duality between a dress piece and a sports piece. Finally, the big Arabic numerals on the watch give it more of that sporty feel, and then we have a more dressy feel with the carbon pattern in the center. This watch is a prime example of how Patek can make something feel so modern yet timeless at the same time, and they really nailed it with this one.

The Strap

What's really interesting about this strap is that it's made of calfskin embossed with fabric, which means that it will last much longer than a traditional calfskin strap or other traditional leather. There are also white decorative seams going down the sides. It features a steel buckle.

Blue-Grey calfskin strap embossed with fabric, showing the curve designed to flatter the wrist.

Not only is it very thin, but you can also see the curve, designed to be flattering and more comfortable on one's wrist. The comfort of the fabric-embossed calfskin strap leaves room to be more of an everyday watch, especially with the blue-gray color; it has that everyday feel, and is more on the casual side for a dress watch.


This watch really sets the standard of what a modern dress piece could look like and what we'll definitely see more of. Thank you for tuning in, and I hope you enjoyed us showing you guys this limited-edition Patek Philippe Calatrava!

Let us know what you want to see more of, and if you are interested in this watch or any other timepiece, give us a call or contact us through social media @WatchesOff5th. See you next time, Bye!